Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Garden of Your Dreams!

When we recognize that a better word for Fundraising is "Friend Raising," we open limitless doors to creativity in support of our causes.
- Sue Vineyard -
There are so many people who Sparkle in Jingletown - A part of Oakland that is very dear to my heart.
An absolute Diamond named Saundra Warren lives in her Enchanted Garden hidden beneath a Ceramic Forest of Leaves.
A Magical place where Hummingbirds play, Fountains produce Song and Nature blossoms between the metal and concrete neighborhood.
Saundra is my newest Seedling who will be Sprouting some New Inspiration around the Westport Whale!
She will be offering handmade whale tiles with your Personal Inscription on it! These tiles will then be mosaic'd into the sidewalk leading up to the Sculpture!
(+) Select your whale shape: Sperm, Gray, Fun or Plaque. In the special instruction to Seller add what you want inscribed on your tile ... then hit the Donate Button in Pay Pal
Donate $20 to be a part of The Roadside Attraction Forever!

Or you can just send a letter/check to :
The Westport Whale
37060 N Hwy 1
Westport CA 95488
This Project has the Tenacious Energy of A Morning Glory!

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