Wednesday, March 30, 2016

You have to Struggle no matter where you are to get to where you are going..
-Michelle Rodriguez-

While there are many struggles in nature,  humans have it easy.  We don't think so.  However watch but a few national geographic episodes and you'll find it's survival of the fittest.  Many people look at their Dreams and find them too daunting for various reasons.  I for some time was one of them.  But no longer do I see my own Passion Project as a struggle.  After 8 years of making tiny steps towards the goal, I've gotten to exactly where I'd hoped I'd be.  The creator of a functioning Roadside Attraction. 

I teamed up with the amazing artist, Derek Diorio after doing some incredible murals in Guatemala. He depicted one of the most classic underwater struggles.  A sperm whale vs a giant squid is captured on a wood cut out.  This painting, which has 3-dimensional qualities including ink gushing from the entrapped cephalopod, has truly brought life to the roadside environment! 

Check out more of Derek's work here.

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