Friday, October 10, 2014

The Westport Whales Support Group!

The Westport Whale's "braces" have finally come off!  I cut the last supports out!  There were people that said I couldn't do it and look.. I really did it! I have officially completed a (structurally sound) Roadside Attraction!

Then I realized that this is also symbolic of part of my life.  I could have taken off the supports a year ago but I was afraid it wouldn't hold.  There was no reason for it to fail (as it was over constructed) but I still didn't have faith in myself.

I really want to encourage everyone to live your life without Fear.  Remember you already have that support structure inside your Heart! You really don't need anyone else.  You just have to work hard, stay focused and dedicate your time to what you Love and what Loves you back!  Have Courage!  Believe in yourself and follow your Dreams.. There is nothing in this World that could make you happier and allow you to love yourself more..


nancizzle. said...

This is SO AWESOME! We can't wait to come back for a visit since it's been over a year already. Congrats on such a great accomplishment! :) -nancy

Robert Smaus said...

OMG - You or your blacksmith shop rental appear to live next to the monster of a "house" built on land foolishly sold by my family and beloved by my mom and uncle! Love your whale. Bet it makes it into the revised edition of Roadside Attractions or Roadside America. Wish we could rent it and stay inside for a truly Biblical experience (ie Jonah). Congrats!