Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wisconsin Concrete Park

The Art of Fred Smith who inspired me to make my deer sculptures in a similar way.

Wisconsin Concrete Park
Phillips, WI

I drove with my best friend Kate Jordan to Wisconsin to gain valuable information on cement sculpture.

This outdoor museum is comprised of 237 embellished concrete sculptures and other objects built by the retired lumberjack, Fred Smith.
These owls were among my most favorite sculptures!

Although Fred's art was not always understood or accepted, he believed his work would endure as something larger than his life, and continued to work in spite of harsh criticism.

Although a few local people were genuinely positive about his endeavor, the general consensus in the area was that 'Mr Smith was crazy'. Many considered the site an eyesore and hoped it would be destroyed. These opinions did nothing to deter Smith.

More photos on flicker
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